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Friday, July 8, 2011

No, I haven't gone Liberal

Ken at Popehat leads the following story with a good summation of frustrations which I also experience:

It’s no secret that I think that America’s two-party system sucks. So, for that matter, does the usually insipid distinction between “liberal” and “conservative.” The nominal existence of a Libertarian Party is cold comfort because large-l Libertarians are too often nuts or twerps.

But it occurs to me that when I make this point, I’m usually criticizing Republicans or conservatives, complaining that I must take what meagerever fiscal discipline they muster with a large and unappetizing dollop of militarism or theocratic wharrbargl.

It’s only fair to make it just as clear that I’m no Democrat or liberal, either.

Certainly the Democratic party and the liberal movement have their temptations. Traditionally one could look to Democrats for protection of civil liberties, opposition to out-of-control military adventurism (at least in some administrations), and resistance to the use of the state to impose religious norms, and resistance to the police state. Now Democrats are mostly too spineless to stand up for any of that, and liberals are too often drunk with crypto-totalitarian nanny-statism and censorious urges. Liberalism, and the Democratic Party, appeal to me no more than conservatism and the Republican party.

He then goes on to tell a rather interesting story, so please feel free to follow the link.

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