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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Even Fox News Can't Deny This

Via NORML, a poll released yesterday by Fox News reports that 85% of the country favors legalizing medical marijuana. From the release:
According to the poll, 85 percent of voters agree that adults ought to be allowed to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes if a physician authorizes it. The total marked an increase in support of four percent since Fox last polled the question in 2010 and is the highest level of public support for the issue ever reported in a scientific poll.
Looking in to the numbers, the poll finds that 80% of Republican respondents agreed that doctors should be able to prescribe medicine, and one hopes this is a sign that GOP voters are finally seeing the smoke of the legalization fire lit in Colorado and Washington this past election.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, between calling the War on Drugs a failure and recently signing a Good Samaritan law (in the presence of Jon Bon Jovi no less), appears to be leading the way toward a more sane stance for the conservative world.

Not that liberals aren't trying too, but actual support from the both sides of the aisle would be required to pass constructive reform on this issue in our current political environment, and support from the left has been decidedly lukewarm in the past.

Even the people of my backwards, treatment-industry-driven state are finally coming around. For Fox News to allow such a strong disagreement with its creed to slip through it's editorial fingers surely heralds the change ahead.

We have been pursuing a racist, massively destructive, and nearly-obsolete policy for the last 70 years. The people know it. The powerful need to take notice...

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