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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Republican Big Government

With the ongoing troubles for President Obama over his administration's Nixonian policies, MF has been covering the left's abuses. So as not to be confused with your typical Obama-bashing blog, I'd like to take a minute to point out that Republicans can no longer waive the banner of small government.

We bash everyone here.

I use the term Republican because "conservative" no longer applies. We libertarians are the true conservatives, the sole standard-bearers of small government and social sensibilities.

The same people who champion 2nd Amendment rights as a safeguard against tyranny facilitate this tyranny from the local level to the highest court in the land.

Ideas like declaring an official religion are literally Medieval and the very definition of abuse of individual rights by an overreaching government. And while both sides of the traditional spectrum are at fault for the disastrous War on Drugs, it is the Republican core's big-government, uh, elephant in the proverbial room.

As I mentioned before, a real conservative would look to conserve our fighting men and women, not throw them into war after bloody war overseas for the enrichment of their defense contractor pals.

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Rand Paul's recent rightward reversal from his previously-federalist views show how little regard for personal liberty the aging, unchanging and powerful GOP truly has.

Paul's big breakthrough in popularity came with his much-stories filibuster about drones, yet once the tentacles of the GOP establishment take hold, such principled and logical positions must be abandoned for the sake of power.

This desire for power, over all other corrupting agents, is the acid that erodes the steel pillars of principal in our legislators.

Strong opposition to statism in the future relies on a strong foundation in small government principles, and if we the people take back some of this power, it's corrosive effect can be effectively minimalized.

Attempts to control campaign finances are futile, as money always finds its way to power. It is the power that must be regulated because it is the power from which all corruption derives.

The degeneration of the GOP over the last few decades is a case study. It is now up to libertarianism to carry on the battle to protect individual liberty both personally and professionally.

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