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Friday, May 10, 2013

Seeking Bad Advice in Cleveland

The recent events in Cleveland are simply frightening. As detail after horrid detail come to light, one cannot imagine the emotion those involved are going through.

Yet it is that very emotion that some of the worst members of our society exploit for personal gain, and in the process giving capitalism a bad name.
Why the sign? They should foresee who will buy it, no?

The mother of one of the kidnapped, Louwana Miller, sought the help of a TV psychic in 2004, was blatantly lied to on the worst of topics, and likely lost some hope as a result.

She passed away two years later, and it's as yet unclear whether a broken heart contributed.

I post this because I don't suffer the supernatural. Humanity has scientific method and these old mystic rituals seldom stand up to the test.

Yet people keep pretending there's nothing wrong with forcing themselves to believe in things that have no basis in reality. This is shining example that faith is nothing more than a condition to be manipulated by the decided wrong people.

Wrong in predictions, like always, and wrong in business practice.

As I noted previously, critics of libertarians always accuse us of supporting an anarchy-based economy where things like fraud and deceptive practices are encouraged.

This is an unfair characterization designed to make us look like kooks. Very few, if any, libertarians believe theft is a virtue, we simply have different ideas for combating it -- ones that don't limit the liberty of others who aren't doing anything wrong.

But that is a topic for another day.

Just remember that a mother spent the final years of her life believing her daughter was dead because some con-artist, manipulating the controls built by religious indoctrination, was trying to make a quick, dishonest buck.

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