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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Future of War

It will be on the internet (via WSJ):
The Financial Times said its Tech Blog and various Twitter accounts were hacked on Friday by a group identifying itself as the Syrian Electronic Army. 
Seconds before the note was published, two messages populated the newspaper's Twitter feed, including one stating "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here," and another including a link to a YouTube video of several bound and blindfolded individuals who appeared to be shown being executed. Both messages were quickly removed.
Has our massive military apparatus made us to inflexible to the changing modern world? Not unlike France and it's WWI hubris, circa 1940, are we preparing for the last war rather than the next?

My practical call for a saner military here.

What seem like pranks may be test runs for serious attacks, and since our infrastructure is largely dependent on electronics and consumer internet attacks might create real world panic, we need to pay better attention to this rather than using our military as a revenue source for Germany or Japan.

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