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Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Is Your Kids On Religion

I can only imagine how surprised I'd be if my daughter suddenly start spouting Creationism. But then again, these people in Greenville, SC signed up for it:

The Actual "Science" Quiz. From the Link.

And here's the second page:

The Correct Answer Isn't Even Present for Question 16!

The canned, combative answer for question 18 pisses me off the most. Not only is it incredibly damaging to critical thinking for a still-developing mind, but also prepares a child for the untasted swallowing and regurgitation of other non-answers and lies.

This is child abuse. Luckily my current and any future children will never be in the care of someone so delusional and sinister. And perhaps a few new agnostics might be minted amongst these parents, especially the ones who paid (and probably a lot) for these lies.

Extra Credit: Please cite where the "History Book of the Universe" (or the Bible, as question 12 refers to it) says God created the dinosaurs on The 6th Day... I'll take any of the seven days for that matter.

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