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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Someone Said it Better: Libertarians, Slavery, and the CSA

Ilya Somin, writing for The Volokh Conspiracy, explains why libertarianism and the Confederacy are incompatible, and as you'd expect from someone with the resources of a paying journalism job, he does a better job than I:
Still, pro-Confederate libertarians are a significant enough minority that the phenomenon can’t simply be ignored. So we must continue to emphasize that support for the Confederacy is incompatible with libertarian principles for all the reasons already noted. Jason Kuznicki of Cato writes that he “can’t understand how anyone might admire the Confederacy and also call themselves a libertarian. Any affinity for the Confederacy marks one very clearly as an enemy of liberty.”
I hate to re-link but feel this should be passed along...

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