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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Rededication

As I mentioned in my last post, despite the great recession, in the late Oughts libertarianism seemed to be on the rise.

Obama was going hard left, especially in the first two years with a Democratic Congress, and paired with the blow-back from the excesses of the post-9/11 security state and Edward Snowden's revelations, I'd argue some healthy skepticism of government began to take root.

End the Fed activists got at least as much attention as OWS and the Tea "Party" folks, acknowledging all their other flaws, at least opened dialogue about better tax policy. Weed got more legal. Civil rights were getting tragic but necessary airtime. In some way things little "l" libertarian seemed to be looking up.

But I fear at some point, between 2012 and 2016, some elements of that libertarian movement, and the generally-smaller-government-GOP lip service people, began to be interpreted by some more extreme fringes as being an anti-government movement.

And that has been noticed by the Trump organization.

A guy like Trump, who needs cover to do Russian things like hollow out the State Department (our spies), found value in the anti-government masses.


I'm only now beginning to fulfill my promise back in 2010 when I founded this site to post more often. For various reasons I was never able to start.

Or maybe you can say I only appear on the internet when there's real drama, kinda like how Roger Rabbit can slip out of handcuffs only when it's funny.

I'm not some libtard with Trump Derangement Syndrome or whatever weaponized nonsense is floating around Twitter today.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment (and the safe, responsible gun ownership that this right requires).

I believe in less government, not zero, mind you, but reduction the minimal amount necessary to enforce our rights and freedoms that our outlined in the Constitution and the principles that founded this country and run through the threads of case law that built our once great and free society.

I support sensible deregulation and lower taxes and debt reduction and many of the things Republicans used to stand for economically.

And I'm here to tell you that Donald Trump does not support these things.

Oh, sure, he talked a big game to tax cuts, but in the end Trump lost interest and settled for some direct handouts to close associates rather than the widespread restructuring that GOP Classic had been pining for.

The NRA is nothing to Trump but a vehicle for Russian spies to infiltrate the GOP. I mean, have you ever seen Trump hold a gun? Even Obama knew how to hold a rifle.

Trump has personally and in policy been running up the debt as only a failed real estate mogul could. His tariffs are the archaic relics of the time when patriots were throwing legit tea parties, and they're impacting our economy negatively through inflation this very minute (an inflation Trump seems oddly okay with, given his criticism of the Fed's moves to contain it).

Oh, and he basically sold out the entire fucking country to our decades-old rival Russia led by the perfect embodiment of everything a freedom-loving American should be against.


Look, I get it.

You signed on early at some point because you hated Hillary (like I did, so much so that I threatened to leave the country if she won back in 2008. The Clintons and their imprudently-outdated seizure of the DNC bear some responsibility for this mess, let's be real).

Or maybe you bought in on any number of stops, when he talked about bringing back your job or talked about loosening the reigns on the internet or talked in a way that pissed off liberals so thoroughly (which, I'll gladly admit, the night of the 2016 election I felt a little pang of joy that Hillary lost. I voted Gary Johnson. I regret now both that feeling and that vote).

But what you must realize is that Trump only took advantage of these sentiments. He doesn't believe in these only-vaguely Republican things he says. It's largely little more than talk. He speaks more clearly by his actions, and his actions only align with his GOP promises when they serve one of two things: his own enrichment and/or the benefit of Putin.

So, with this in mind, I hereby rededicate this site to outreach.

Between now and Tuesday November 6th, 2018, I intend to lay out all the reasons why Donald Trump is no Republican, no libertarian, no small government advocate, and no American.

I intend to offer a refuge from past mistakes, a candle signal in a window, a car waiting outside the cult compound with the engine running ready to spirit you away to freedom.

I have a great many conservative family members and friend and colleagues and former colleagues and, unfortunately, former friends. I've observed several otherwise-reasonable libertarians follow down this dark path, often with good intentions. Guys, if you're out there, you must... MUST take a moment to look around and see what's going on.

Trump is no Republican, no conservative, and certainly no patriot. He's not someone who you'd trust to run your business or recommend to you an accountant or to marry your daughter. No mea culpa necessary, just honestly ask yourself if it's true.

But it's not too late. You're not all in yet. If you want deregulation, or tax cuts, or jobs, we can work it out, but only if we reject this dire attack that is currently, actively underway. Winter is coming. This is bigger that R vs. D, it's bigger than your next real estate deal or lobbying victory or your plans to retire next year.

It's a battle for the very existence of this wonderful, beautiful, flawed like any other but fucking free country. Make no mistake, this is a fight for the continued existence of the United States of America.

We need you.

America needs you.

Afterward, we Americans can agree (or agree to disagree) on the issues that face us, and still have a country in which to conduct this business and argue these issues and peaceably, freely, and proudly thrive like we have for 240 years before Donald Trump was (maybe) elected to the most powerful office in the free world.

Those of you who still support this fraudulent little "p" president, I implore you, I entreat you, please, take one minute, just 60 seconds, to look deep in your heart and ask yourself: are these tax cuts, these walls, these momentary gains, these comforting but somehow wrong feelings really worth it?

Is it worth it to allow ripping children from their mothers' arms? Those same mothers that worked as your nannies and your day laborers and your cooks for so many prosperous decades?

To violently separate your country from all the great nations of the world, where many of you still have dear friends and family?

To rub salt into the racial wounds that had
close to healing?

To cede dominance on the world stage as a guardian of liberty and a refuge for all persecuted people, regardless of national origin?

Are these things that Trump will inevitably fail to deliver (because, above all, he is a proven serial failure) really worth becoming the last generation to know a free, sovereign, happy United States of America?

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