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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama's War on Transparency

When he was elected, Obama talked about bringing transparency to government. That was the high-water mark for this issue.

Since talking a good game, the president has acted to make the conduct of our government more opaque than at any time in our history. From fewer Freedom Of Information Act requests being granted, to the promised honesty of the White House website which is now a mere propaganda arm, to his crackdown on whistleblowers (More links to this and much more on Politico here).

And the Julian Assange/Bradley Manning affair is worthy of it's own post.

Now the news breaks today that his Justice Department was secretly collecting evidence on American journalists. In America. Seriously, Eric Holder just defended it too.

Get ready to watch Democratic pundits twist logic into a Gordian Knot defending Obama.

While in no way do I defend Richard Nixon, I think his crime was less severe. Nixon violated laws, Obama is violating amendments...

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