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Monday, May 27, 2013

Clinton Barely Edges Paul in Iowa Poll

Joe Wolverton at The New American takes a look into the Rand Paul camp:
During a visit to Kentucky, Paul told reporters that his decision to seek a second term in the Senate was certain, adding that any decision on a presidential run would “come later.” Paul echoed these remarks in an interview with The New American, saying that the call on his presidential candidacy wouldn’t come before 2014.
A new Quinnipiac poll shows Clinton leading Iowa voters by a narrow 46-42 percent margin.
I'm pretty sure this is the best I've seen a libertarian-leaning candidate perform in my lifetime. The best part:
Presidential aspirations aside, Rand Paul is bolstering his libertarian bona fides by blocking every effort by his colleagues in Congress to deprive Americans of their most basic civil rights as protected by the Constitution.
I really hope he keeps this up...

Correction 5.28.2013: Wow, that's bad. The headline originally read "Paul over Clinton in Iowa Poll“ and the permalink will remain so as a testament to my blunder.

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