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Friday, June 9, 2017

GOP: Dump Trump or Face Decades of Irrelevance

The well-worn analogy of the pendulum swing in politics earned its ubiquity for a reason: in a rigid two-party system like ours, anything beyond a slight, incremental change provokes a backlash from the opposition that often translates into a reversal when said opposition ultimately returns to power.

Everything from taxes, regulation, criminal justice reform, social spending... everything waxes and wanes roughly in correlation with the whims of the current clique in power.

So make no mistake, my conservative friends, when in November you affixed a sledgehammer to the pendulum bob of the grandfather clock called America and set it to swing: it won't be long until it comes crashing back into your precious agenda.

Republican friends and family, if not for the sake of your country and your dependents who will have to live there, if not for your fellow citizens who are experiencing real, unwarranted harm starting right now, I implore you to seize this moment and at least consider your Republican goals, and the peril that this pee-stained used car salesman has put those goals in.

If you want to exist as a political force beyond 2020 (or more likely, 2018), it's time to disembark from the Trump Train.

I mean, sure, the GOP hasn't been able to get much of its agenda through Congress under former President Obama. And I get it: now that Trump has seized power, it seems like you're getting everything you've dreaming about for the last eight or more years.

Sorry to break it to you, folks, but you bought a lemon.

Trump's amateurism, lack of self-control and general incompetence will undermine everything you are hastily trying to push through. His policies and dictates are built upon rotten legal, ethical and organizational foundations, and will collapse once Trump's no longer there to shield them with his Twitter-based dog and pony show.

When Trump is forcibly removed from office, every order, memo, directive and signature he ever made will be called into question. His taint will be so widespread that everything you've held your nose and done with him will be wiped away and replaced with the diametric opposite of every one of your stated goals.

The net result will be your conservative policy in effect only for the ever-shortening duration of the Trump administration, then reversed in quick and spectacular fashion. The pendulum always swings back until the clock is broken.

Look, we don't blame you for wanting to get what you can out of this misogynist circus clown while you still can. No one saw 2016 coming, but America isn't fooled twice so easily, and I doubt even the Russians will be able to prop him up now that everyone sees how widespread their electioneering shenanigans have grown.

Trust me when I say this, but whether it's next week or next year, the American people will rise up and rip this monster from office. Do you really want to be standing with him when this happens?

For years, libertarians and independents (and certainly quite a few registered Republicans and Democrats) have grown accustomed to an uncomfortable but tolerable level of horrible occupying the seasoned seats of power in Washington, D.C. After what we've seen over the last few months, nearly all of us will gladly go back to that pre-2016 level of awful. You can too.

Join us. This time it's gone beyond political party. It's now a question of national sovereignty and what being "an American" really means. It's absolutely a Republican ideal to stand up for one's country in the face of a hostile foreign power. I know, as this is coming from someone who has voted Republican in the past and has never once voted for a Democrat (though that may change come 2018).

If not for you children, or your country, or even that old saw about doing the right thing, Republicans, you must dump Trump, if only for the sake of the one thing you still hold sacred: you party. Because the GOP will be left in complete ruin if you let (or worse, help) Trump "serve" his full term.

Don't believe me? Just take a look at the string of failed organizations Donald J. Trump has left in his wake. Seize this opportunity now, lest the GOP becomes just another abandoned lot, adorned with nothing but a "Future Site for Trump Tower" sign, that no developer would ever touch.

*please note that the omission of the title "President" before DJT was intentional. It's not that he's not my president, but that he's not anyone's president, except maybe Vladimir Putin's...